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October-November 2008

Taking a much closer look at the `diminished` sound and its theoretical sources.

February-March 2007

Revealing an altogether more subtle harmonic concept.

December-January 2006

Understanding how a key can be made to reveal its chordal treasure is invaluable knowledge.

October-November 2006

Guy Pople delves into independence and rudimentary music theory.

August-September 2006

Discoveries are unearthed that reinforce the assertion that the 7-string represents evolutionay progression.

June-July 2006

If it has ever crossed your mind to have a go, or you just feel vaguely dissatisfied with 6 strings, then read this.


Guy Pople is a music, education and multimedia specialist based in the UK`s North-West. He plays guitars, studies theory and runs St Annes Music in Lytham St. Annes, a one-stop shop for musicians on the Fylde coast of Lancashire. St Annes Music offers professional instruments, recording, tuition and accessories.

His live band Nomad is currently building up their original music. You can catch him
on Virtual Strangers.

Guy Pople

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