Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork+

The Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork+ offers potent pitch shifting via two independent pitch shifting engines. Each engine can transpose over ±3 octaves and provides ±99 cents of detuning. This enables you to dialup everything from subtle thickening to full-blown harmonies. You get total control over each engine, with dedicated volume controls for each pitch-shifted voice, plus your dry signal. The Pitch Fork+ delivers a never-ending array of compelling sonic textures, thanks to eight different operating modes. This polyphonic pitch shift pedal is versatile enough for any application, thanks to 10 unique factory presets, plus the ability to save and recall up to 100 programs. You also get dual outputs with multiple routing options, a user-programmable footswitch, and expression pedal and foot controller inputs. Pitch shifting is an infinitely useful effect.

  • Polyphonic pitch shift pedal with 2 independent pitch shifting engines
  • Each engine can transpose over ±3 octaves and provides ±99 cents of detuning
  • 8 modes cover the full gamut of pitch shift effects
  • Dedicated volume controls for each pitch-shifted voice, along with another for your dry signal
  • 2 outputs with comprehensive routing enable amazing stereo effects with a 2-amp setup
  • Latch and momentary modes give you plenty of versatility for bypassing the effect
  • User-programmable footswitch (with its own dedicated LED) can be assigned to a variety of functions

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9V battery; 9V tip negative