Boss LM-2 Limiter

The Boss LM-2 suppresses the peak of the input signal while retaining the better part of the dynamic range. Adopting a high quality VCA , the LM-2 results in little tone quality deterioration and low noise. The high-speed envelope detecting circuits enable a natural limiting effect. With the mindful use of the Tone Control, the Boss LM-2 can create a wide variety of sounds. The Boss LM-2 was of a favorite of bass players, and is perhaps the reason that later BOSS limiters have been targeted at bass players.

The quiet LM-2 has four controls: Level, Tone, Release, and Threshold. The Tone control can take you from neutral to bright or even dark. The Release can be stretched out to avoid any pumping and carry more sustain, or left short for faster compression cycles. Bass players find this pedal handy for level out slapping and keeping dirt pedals under control.

Some players have said they find the LM-2 adds sparkle to you tone - of course, your milage may vary.

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9V battery; 9V tip negative