Animals Pedal Relaxing Walrus Delay

Animals Pedal Relaxing Walrus Delay is an industry-standard and easy to use delay pedal that is indispensable for adding some extra AWESOMENESS to your guitar playing!

The RWD sound is close to the vintage analog delays of yesterday, but with a modern clearness of sound and ease of use. You can dial in an exquisite natural reverberation tone that melts into the original sound by mixing with the BLEND knob, or you can crank it up for big spacious verbs. As many love, the Relaxing Walrus Delay can self-oscillate and “run-away” delay for tweaking fun – as well as tasty always-on style delay that rides just under your guitar signal. Of course, there are always transcendental long delay tones that recall vintage tape delay tones.

BLEND, TIME, and REPEAT are the simple controls to make your delay tones, and they are easy to use without getting lost in too many knobs or menus. Delay time ranges from 1-500ms, covering the range from reverb to double-tracking, short delays, medium, and long delays. It is one of the most useful effects to have on a pedalboard for most musicians.

Delay is called “Yamabiko” in Japanese (echo), and it repeats the same sound that you play into it and mixes both sounds together to create spatial spread and repeats. It is very similar to reverb in that both are a “delay” of the original signal. The delay’s unique effect is a great help for guitarists to take their sounds to the next level.

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9V battery; 9V tip negative