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Page added in October, 2014

About The Author

Throughout his fprty year career in the music business, FourFront Media & Music's Christopher Knab has shared his experience at many industry conventions and conferences, including the New Music Seminar and the Northwest Area Music Business Conference.

Knab was owner of a San Francisco music store, co-owner of the 415 Records label, and station manager at KCMU Radio in Seattle.

He currently provides a unique consultation and education service for independent musicians and record labels. His new book is entitled "Music Is Your Business".


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© Christopher Knab

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  Simple, but effective promo materials can draw people to your music!

Designing and writing effective promotional materials for...
  • blogs
  • websites
  • bios
  • fact sheets
  • cover letters
  • quote sheets
  • posters
  • flyers
...are what I'm talking about.

Here are three tips to help you promote your career, and enhance your chances of being offered opportunities.

Do the following:

1) Take the time to inventory any accomplishments, positive reviews, training and awards, past sales, and live appearances, and organize them into bios and fact sheets.

2) Make your promo materials as compelling, and informative as possible. If you can’t write in a professional, compelling way, hire a professional publicist.

3) Having done that, take more time to research who to send your materials to, and to ask each potential recipient what type of information they would like to have sent to them before sending. No 'generic' kits should ever be sent out to any gatekeepers in the music business.

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