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pix The Advantages Of Being A (Recording) Slut pix
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Page added in October, 2000

About The Author

Steve Booke is a guitarist and producer from New York who is on a quest to find ways to express his emotions and raw energy through his music.


His latest CD is entitled "Rare Earth".

Send comments or questions to Steve Booke.

© Steve Booke

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  Even though we all want to make some revenue from our hard work of writting and recording, if you think of what you are doing also as a way of having some part of yourself, your soul, out into the world, then part of you will be immortal and live way beyond the span of your own life and you will have a way of bringing happiness to people long after you are gone. With this thought in mind when you are doing your work a certain feeling will be transfered into the music that on some level will touch everyone who hears it.

I am a man, so writing and/or recording a song is the closest thing I am going to get to giving birth, because in a sense I have given birth; not to something physical, but something spiritual. Even after you write, then record a song or even play on someone else's recording, a little embassador or representative of you is sent out into the world. Whenever someone hears your songs or a recording that you played on they are being influenced by a little bit of your soul. You should want as many people as possible to hear and feel this influence.

Wouldn't it be a great feeling to know that at any given moment someone could be listening to something you wrote and/or recorded and have that affect them?

Wouldn't it be a great feeling to know that little pieces or you are scattered throughout the world bringing happiness to people whom you don't even know or might not even ever get a chance to meet?

Recording is your way, as a musician, to do that -- to transcend time and space. Every musician who has ever recorded or wrote something that people listen to and play has achieved what man has been trying to figure out how to do for ages -- they have achieved immortality. Every person is not just the physical body that we get around in, but also a soul. Long after your body is gone, little parts of your soul in the form of the music you create are left behind, like fingerprints, forever. People in our lives don't remember us for how we looked, as much as how we acted and what we accomplished -- with our music this trait can continue on forever.

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