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Page added in February, 2012

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Neal Nagaoka, a guitarist and composer from California, has 28 years of studying and performing experience along with 25 years of teaching guitar students. His most recent CD "Transition" features ten hard rock and metal instrumentals.


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  Welcome to the February edition of Neal's Young Guns. I hope everyone is having a great year so far? Already a month has past this year. It is just zooming along. So far we had the NAMM 2012 and I got a chance to see some amazing young talents there. Hopefully I can keep going with this column, because it is getting tougher to find fresh new talent.

The Official Site: shredguitarist.org

Submit your videos here: youtube.com/NealsYoungGuns

1. Julio Silpitucla: This is Julio performing "Recuerdos De La Alhambra". Very nicely done, especially for his age, which is unbelievable. I've heard many older guitar players and experienced teachers try to play this and butcher it up.

2. Amos Lora: Not sure how old he is, or where he's from (I'm guessing Spain). but his playing in the Flamenco style is superb. Utilizing the picato technique very well. Glad I found this video.

3. Unknown Young Gun: I have no idea what his name is, or how old this kid from Chengdu (China) is, but I think if he had a better guitar, it would sound ten times better.

4. Eric: Another kid from China. He has a really nice feel for the guitar. Especially when he plays clean.

5. Virginia Nguyen: I think she is Vietnamese, not sure how old. Performing a composition from a Vietnamese composer named Trinh Cong Son.

6. Ray Zhou: Amazing guitarist, both electric and acoustic! I know him personally from the National Guitar Workshop.

7. Chorom Hahm: From South Korea. I'm not sure how old she is. I thought she had a really good feel for the guitar. Great tone too.

8. Kim Chung: I'm not sure how old she is. Excellent classical player and she does a great version of Recuerdos De La Alhambra.

9. North Korean kids: Five kids from North Korea. These kids are unreal!

10. Isabella Selder: This is an old video of her when she was 7. Amazing playing!

These amazing kids are definitely on their way! It astounds me how fast they learn and how much they can absorb. Anyways, I hope you enjoy these. If anyone out there know some great young talent and have a video of them performing, feel free to send me a link.

The Official Site: shredguitarist.org

Submit your videos here: youtube.com/NealsYoungGuns

Here are the rules:
  1. Must be 17 or under for the student. Teachers can be any age of course.
  2. Must be of good quality video.
  3. Must be performed live. (No Overdubs!)
  4. Must be an original solo. (Can be a jazz or classical piece that's within the public domain, but it has to be a unique interpretation) I don't want to hear "Stairway To Heaven" or Metallica solos! (I will accept original backing tracks, soloed over of course).
  5. Only one submission for each student from the parents or teachers a month! If I get bulk, you are disqualified.
  6. Each video submission must have some information in it like name, name and background of the student, who the teacher is and please tell me why this video is so impressive, or what's the point? Right?
  7. No duplicate winners once they have won (but teachers can always submit new students.)
  8. Please no reversed videos! If you play right-handed, I don't want to see someone playing left-handed!
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