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Page added in February, 2009

About The Author

David Martone is a guitarist from Vancouver, Canada who has released three solo CDs which showcase his musical diversity and brilliant guitarmanship.


His latest CD is entitled "When The Aliens Come", which features a progressive sound incorporating jazz, rock, fusion and metal influences.

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© David Martone

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  Hello readers and welcome back to another installment of Zone Recording! I have just returned from the NAMM show in LA. Always a blast down there.

I did six shows in three days.

First was a performance at GIT in Hollywood. Dave Weiner, Rob Balducci and myself did a small G3 type of show for the students. It was tons of fun. We played our sets and then did a Q and A session after. Thanks Beth!

Then it was off to Anaheim for three more shows on Friday!

I played for Digitech, Parker and Vox.


Check out the schedule for Friday below.

Dave LaRue, Yngwie Malmsteen, Edgar Winter and Dave Martone? Wow!


Saturday had a few more shows, and a meeting for the development of the Signature Martone guitar from Parker! Wow!

I saw many old friends at the show and made many new ones! Performances were basically plug and go! As you can see, there were a few things to plug in!


But, it all worked out and a grand time was had by all!

In other news, I was featured on the cover of Gonzo Magazine in their January/February issue.


Also Martone has another new video out made by non other than Jennifer Batten! That's correct. She made a video for the song "Moron Face" from the Magna Carta Release "Clean" in which she played an awesome guest solo!

That can be viewed here!


I have also been featured in the Magna Carta Release "Guitars that Ate My Brain".


Here is the track listing:

1. Paul Waggoner [BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME] - "Boot Dagger Boogie"
2. Kris Norris [DARKEST HOUR] - "The Life and Times of Sir Walter Sickert"
3. Dave Martone - "Hybrid Angels"
4. Ron Thal (aka "Bumblefoot") [GUNS N ROSES] - "Disengaged"
5. Eyal Levi and Emil Werstler [DAATH] - "The Unwavering Collapse"
6. Shane Gibson [KORN] - "Artichoke Samurai"
7. Devin Townsend [STRAPPING YOUNG LAD] - "Nerd Alert"
8. Chris Poland [OHM] - "L.D.E."
9. Ola Frenning and Christofer Malmstrom [SOILWORK/DARKANE] - "Hydra"
10. Mike Orlando - "Stomped"
11. James Murphy [TESTAMENT] - "Maiden Voyage"
12. Hugues Lefebvre and Yann Mouhad [ANTHROPIA] - "Schrodinger's Cat Paradox"

And after it all, I got to meet the man responsible for so many people's great careers!

Mr. Mike Varney.


May the tone be with you.

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