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Page added in June, 2008

About The Author

Author Tim Sweeney is head of Tim Sweeney & Associates, who are entering their 18th year of being, "the only true artist development company in the world."

Tim is one of the music industry's most sought after experts and consultants, and has written several influential books including "Tim Sweeney's Guide To Releasing Independent Records".


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  One of the things that we all battle with as artists is taking action. While we can do some things that don't require interaction with others, it is often difficult for us to hand out CD samplers to people we don't know, book shows or follow up with the press. While we don't openly admit it to others, we are afraid of the rejection or what people might think of us when we try to talk with them. Being an artist is a constant battle of not listening to the negative thoughts in our head and focusing on taking simple actions.

Many times I will hear artists say, "All I have to do is set goals for myself and I will accomplish everything I want." They believe by simply setting the goals they will achieve the results until they are reminded they have to do the work that goes with it.

Setting goals could also be more trouble than it's worth, especially if you don't give yourself realistic ones.

Thousands of people a year give up on their music careers because they thought the journey would be easy. Selling your first 1,000 or 10,000 CDs is not simply accomplished by wanting it to happen, you must take action of constantly developing and expanding your mailing list and your relationships with your fans, the media and then in the future with your sponsors. Saying you want to sell 1,000 CDs next month means you need to connect and bond with a base of people ten times that. You need to help them understand who you are as an artist, the value of your music and how it will benefit them. You need to go out and build relationships with your fans. Relationships where they get to know you as a person as well as an artist.

Set realistic goals for yourself. Give yourself one thing to do a day to get your music out to people. Take small steps of going out and meeting new people who can come to your shows, help people learn about you and your music on your web site versus giving them hype, learn about the media people you want airplay or reviews from versus sending them a press kit and trying to convince the wrong ones.

There is nothing wrong with giving yourself bigger goals like Traci Toguchi did in 800 CDs (www.800CDsTheMovie.com). But for many of us we must start with smaller ones like Chris Valenti did. However as you have seen in the movie, there are ways you can work with other artists who have different goals that will help both of you accomplish what you want.

If you haven't seen the movie yet, order a copy to watch how they went from selling the leftover CDs sitting in boxes to Traci writing two books, getting her own commercial radio talk show, sponsorship deals to ABC Television working with her on her own show all within six months! You can order a copy through the web site.

If you want to learn more about what you can personally do to accomplish the goals you have this month, click on here to watch the video I made for you.

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