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Page added in February, 2008

About The Author

David Martone is a guitarist from Vancouver, Canada who has released three solo CDs which showcase his musical diversity and brilliant guitarmanship.


His latest CD is entitled "When The Aliens Come", which features a progressive sound incorporating jazz, rock, fusion and metal influences.

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© David Martone

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  You might ask what the hell is a Digitruck tour. Well, this is one of the coolest things rolling around the country right now. It is a huge semi tractor trailer outfitted with all the latest Digitech gear. If you don't want to look at all the pretty pictures... (which you should) Click here to watch the video of this crazy time!

Just look at this thing!


This tour took us through the Southwest United States.

The goal is to bring Digitech to the music chains in the US like Sam Ash, Guitar Center, etc. We would roll into each city, set up, do a show on the breakout stage on the back of the truck, rock our faces off, then pack up and head to the next city! What a freaking blast.

Let me show you some of the truck.

First is the "chill" lounge.


Fridge, microwave, computers, coffee, sink, Playstation and food!


Beds, Marshalls, and...


...a big ass flat screen for watching whatever the heck you want.

Next up is quite important...


Full working shower, which I used, and yes, a fully functional toilet with sink... and you can fully use the toilet also!

Next up we have the awesome Demo Room!


View from the Stage Door.


Next up we have the coolest part yet...

The last part of the truck opens to a full on stage with full production! Totally wicked!


Look at all of them work while I just sit around and take pictures!


Full stage setup with the Travis Larson Band!


Now let's meet some of these crazy awesome people that I was touring with. First there is the Artist Relations Digitruck Manger Paul Muniz.


Paul is a wicked dude and I am very happy that he invited me on this tour. Cheers Paulie! Let's do it again in Canada, bro!

Next up we have the sound man and Digitruck driver Tristan or T for short.


Wicked sound man, and could drive that rig through the eye of a needle! Next is Rikk Beatty who is the clinic guy on the truck.


Rikk can play his ass off and has many hidden talents, like imitating Rocky and Bobcat simultaneously.

Next, we have the Travis Larson Band.

Travis Larson
Dale Moon
Jennifer Young

Wicked sounding band! Buy their CD now!

Last but not first, a shot of myself rocking on the Digistage!


What a hell of a great time we had. Everything was run direct through the PA through all Digi products and it sounded AMAZING! I am used to always having amps, but this experience makes me wonder,

I will leave you with these.


May the tone be with you!

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