Zone Recording: Summer Schedule

Welcome back readers to yet another installment of Zone Recording. I have been busy planning my summer schedule and wanted to tell you about some exciting events I will be involved with.

First off was being approached from Cakewalk to add a song and video to their worldwide release of Guitar Trax Pro which will be released in the coming month!

VOX Amplification has also contacted me to do a series of videos on some of their latest greatest products. Watch for that in the coming month.

I have been busy also with getting ready for some amazing seminars coming up around the corner!

First off is The Mojo Room from July 5-10 in sunny Los Angeles with special guest John 5! There is also a Shred Off competition open to all, with prizes from Parker and Digitech!

Take a musical journey like no other. Learn the "Five Sounds of GOD," developmental arpeggios, and the art of improvising with modal colors (diatonic, melodic, harmonic, dominant, pentatonic) to get to the "Mojo Room"! Students will learn about other topics such as obtaining endorsements, instrumental songwriting, releasing independent CDs, and surviving the "Killer Technique Day"!

Watch the promo video here.

Next up is Shredding the Blues from July 26-31 in Purchase, New York!

This class will explore the various aspects of shred blues. Students will learn how musicians have manipulated standard blues shapes into something more fierce, discussing players such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Slash, and Zakk Wylde. Topics covered will include blues pentatonics, string skipping, tapping, and hybrid rolling blues.

Watch the promo video here.

Next up is Journey to the Extreme from August 2-7 in Purchase, New York with special guest Paul Gilbert! There is also a Shred Off competition open to all, with prizes from Parker and Digitech!

Delve into the world of extreme guitar in this course that covers topics such as tapping, double tapping, arpeggios, sweep picking, and hybrid picking. Learn the techniques of extreme guitar masters such as Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen, and Randy Rhoads.

Watch the promo video here.

Next is The Mastery of Metallica from August 9-14 in Purchase, New York!

This course will focus on the music of Metallica that changed metal forever! Soloing and chugging riff concepts will be learned and applied. Learn bone crunching down-picking metal rhythms of the styles of Hetfield and the soloing concepts and ideas of Kirk Hammet.

Watch the promo video here.

I will also be doing a small eastern Clinic tour for VOX along with the Montreal Jazz festival.

July 11 at the SIMMS Montreal Jazz Festival in Montreal Quebec (2 shows)
July 13 at Italmelodie, Montreal, Quebec.
July 14 at Denis Musique, Quebec City, Quebec.
July 15 at Long and Mcquade, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
July 16 at Long and McQuade,Toronto, Ontario.

Along with this I will be directing the Tom Lee Music School of Rock from July 20-24 as well as doing a performance in their 40th Anniversary on June 6th at 2pm.

Please come out, sign up or participate in any of the above events. It would be great to see you!

May the tone be with you.

David Martone is a guitarist from Vancouver, Canada who has released seven solo CDs which showcase his musical diversity and brilliant guitarmanship.

His 2007 CD is entitled "When The Aliens Come", which features a progressive sound incorporating jazz, rock, fusion and metal influences.

David Martone