Yngwie Malmsteen "Yngwie Malmsteen"

Yngwie Malmsteen "Yngwie Malmsteen"


Yngwie Malmsteen
Yngwie Malmsteen
The Story
Often described as a fusion of neoclassical, metal, rock and blues, "Yngwie Malmsteen"'s incredible style has influenced guitarists the world over. Yngwie has recorded numerous albums, been featured in every major music magazine, and performed several international concert tours. Now, for the first time, get a close-up look at Yngwie's amazing technique as he shows you arpeggio and scale sequences combined with many of his favorite licks and classical phrases. Yngwie also teaches excerpts from his compositions and performs several awe-inspiring demonstrations. This long-awaited DVD by a truly world-class guitarist also compes with a printable PDF showing all examples in standard notation and tab. If you're an Yngwie fan, this is definitely the DVD for you!

Special DVD features include: Dolby Digital Stereo, Tuning Segment, CD preview, Bonus Lesson: Right-Hand Technique-Sweep Picking, Bonus Performance: Steve Morse, Additional Product Previews, DVD-ROM Features (Printable TAB booklet, Printable PDF Reference Materials), Internet Connectivity.

DVD Video, NTSC, Regions: All

Most of the solos, chords and playing demonstrations have been transcribed in the printable music and tab PDF.

Additional Facts
Lars Johann Yngwie Lannerback was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on the last day of June, 1963. That same year, the Beatles had just emerged from Liverpool, England, soon to make their mark on music history. But it would be another twenty years before a lanky, tousel-haired Swede with hungry eyes would stand the music world on its head once again. The intervening years before the day in February 1983 when Yngwie J. Malmsteen stepped off the plane in Los Angeles provided an environment ripe for the development of a musical prodigy.

Yngwie immersed himself in the music of such bands as Deep Purple and spent long hours unlocking the secrets of both the guitar and the music. His admiration for Ritchie Blackmore's classically influenced playing led him, through his sister's direction, back to the source: Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Mozart. As Yngwie absorbed the classical structures of the masters, his prodigious style began to take shape. He continued playing for hours each day, often falling asleep draped over his guitar.

Yngwie's first solo album, Rising Force (now considered the bible for neoclassical rock) made it to #60 on the Billboard charts, an impressive feat for a mostly instrumental guitar album with no commercial airplay. The album also gained Yngwie a Grammy nomination for best rock instrumental performance. Soon the honors came rolling in: He was voted Best New Talent in several reader's polls, Best Rock Guitarist the year after, and Rising Force became Album of the Year. Powered by the jaw-dropping guitar/ keyboard duals of Yngwie and longtime friend Jens Johansson, the band Rising Force blazed a trail on the concert circuit that established Yngwie as one of rock guitar's brightest new stars and added a new genre to the music lexicon: neoclassical rock.