Vitalij Kuprij "VK3"

Vitalij Kuprij "VK3"

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Vitalij Kuprij
The Story
"VK3" is keyboard wizard Vitalij Kuprij's third neo-classically influenced album for the Shrapnel label, and he is joined this time by guitarist Tony MacAlpine. MacAlpine, who needs no introduction, has a neo-classical pedigree stretching back to the 1980s, and here he is challenged to add the 'metallic edge' to the brutal keyboard tsunami whipped up by Kuprij. Since virtually every song stretches out past six or seven minutes, "VK3" could be considered a progressive release with neo-classical overtones, with frequent tempo and mood changes within each piece. Kuprij will even vary mid-song from synth to grand piano (check out "Break Through"), then offer a mighty Jon Doman drum solo, followed by tremendous synth and metal guitar fury. Kuprij continues to develop further from his days with Artension, and is savvy enough to choose different axe-wielding powerhouses to play off of - impressive stuff.
The Music
07:58 Break Through Instrumental
06:14 Estimation Instrumental
08:05 Alternate Diversion Instrumental
05:58 Infusion Instrumental
06:11 Forever Instrumental
07:12 Game Of Power Instrumental
10:45 Reflections Instrumental
The Artists
Tony MacAlpine All Guitars
Vitalij Kuprij All Keyboards, Acoustic Piano, Production, Mixing
Dave Naccarelli Bass
Jon Doman Drums
Mu Na Acoustic Violin
Kent Heckman Engineering, Mixing
James Murphy Mastering
All music composed and arranged by Vitalij Kuprij.

Acoustic piano, keyboard overdubs and drums recorded at Red Rock Recording.

Mixed at Red Rock Recording.

Mastered at Sound Temple Studios.