Victor Taboada

Victor Taboada


Rock/Fusion From Columbia

Sending his demo all the way from Columbia, South America is guitar player and composer Victor Taboada. The seven song instrumental CD-R, entitled Atardecer (sunset in English), is a mixture of styles from jazz/fusion (his specialty) and rock, with some Baroque sonorities and Latin rhythms. Taboada is a fluid fusion player, from the Larry Carlton school, blended with some George Benson and a touch of Holdsworth, when he 'goes legato'. He's a skilled enough player that he probably should begin seeking out other hot fusion players in his area who can work with him to create some incredible music. Fusion fans tend to seek out music that has two, three or even four top-notch musicians on it, so collaboration would seem to be the next logical step.


Victor, a 28-year-old guitarist from Bogota, Columbia, began by teaching himself guitar before entering the Philharmonic School in Bogota, studying music theory and classical guitar with Dennis Lopez. He has also studied jazz, modern harmony, and flamenco (in Spain). In December, 2002 he was invited to the XX International Festival Habana Jazz Plaza (in Cuba), where the internationally known group Irankere performed his piece "Vuelo de Mariposas". In 2004, he formed the Victor Taboada Trio, a Latin jazz fusion band which has performed live, on Columbian TV, and at the Festival U-Jazz 2004, where they were awarded the Golden Sax for Improvisation and Best Arrangement for "Delerio".

Taboada recorded his demo in a home studio, with assistance from his brother, Dionisio Taboada, and Carlos Rojas.

Contact Information

Victor Taboada
Calle 171 No. 46 A 30
Bogota, D.C.