Ventures "Walk-Don't Run: The Best Of"

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Walk-Don't Run: The Best Of
The Story
"Walk-Don't Run: The Best Of" is a carefully selected cross section of big hits by the most popular instrumental rock band in the world, and the 26th most successful recording act in history, starting in chronological order from their first American smash single, 1959's "Walk Don't Run," to their last, 1969's "Hawaii Five-O." Other classic 'Venturisms' include the the surf stunner "Ram-Bunk-Shush", the Latin sounding "Perfidia", "Diamond Head" (a giant hit in Japan) and a rollicking version of "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue" which appeared on their excellent "Live In Japan" album. The CD compilation even features some of the Venture's cover tracks -- check out the unusual "Road Runner". You also get, for the first time in any form, "Dick Tracy", a song the group wrote for a pilot TV series which never took off. "Walk-Don't Run: The Best Of" is a great introduction to the instrumental guitar scene which flourished in the early '60s.
The Music
02:00 Walk-Don't Run Instrumental
01:58 No Trespassing Instrumental
02:03 Perfida Instrumental
01:42 Ram-Bunk-Shush Instrumental
01:55 Lullaby Of The Leaves Instrumental
02:23 Yellow Jacket Instrumental
01:59 Driving Guitars (Ventures Twist) Instrumental
02:24 Road Runner Instrumental
02:11 Twisted Instrumental
02:26 Spudnik (Surf Rider) Instrumental
02:19 Night Drive Instrumental
03:56 The 2000 Pound Bee (Parts 1 & 2) Instrumental
02:15 The Savage Instrumental
02:03 Moon Child Instrumental
02:20 Journey To The Stars Instrumental
02:10 Fugitive Instrumental
02:23 Walk-Don't Run '64 Instrumental
02:23 Pedal Pusher Instrumental
02:17 Slaughter On Tenth Avenue Instrumental
02:01 Diamond Heat Instrumental
02:34 Action Plan Instrumental
02:00 Dick Tracy Instrumental
02:10 Flights Of Fantasy Instrumental
02:10 Underground Fire Instrumental
01:57 Hawaii Five-O Instrumental
06:44 Ventures' 'Rocketing Rhythms' Interview Instrumental
01:10 Ventures' Twist Party, Vol 2, Radio Spot Instrumental
01:00 Underground Fire-Radio Spot Instrumental
01:00 Hawaii Five-O-Radio Spot Instrumental
The Artists
Don Wilson Guitar
Bob Boogle Guitar
Nokie Edwards Bass
Howie Johnston Drums
Bob Reisdorff Production
Josie Wilson Production
Dick Glasser Production
Joe Saraceno Production
Ron Furmanek Compilation Production, Research, Compilation, Annotation, Remixing
Steve Kolanjian Compilation, Liner Notes
Larry Walsh Digital Remastering, Remixing
Henry Marquez Art Direction
Jeffrey Scales Still-Life Photography
Michael Diehl Design
Chris LaSalle Ledgendary Masters Series Coordination
Songs recorded at Boles Studios (Seatte, Washington), Custom Recorders, Western Recorders, RCA Studios, United Studios, Sunset Sound Studios, TTG Studios and Liberty Studios (Los Angeles, CA).

Digitally remastered at Capitol Recording Studios, February 1990.

This compilation was mastered from the original 3-, 4- and 8-track master session tapes, full-track mono and 2-track stereo mixes.