The Undiscovered: Zak Daniels

Zak Daniels


Take A Trip To Snakeland

You may not know where Snakeland is, but you want to go there. Zak Daniels and the O.E.S. have released their hard rockin' CD Snakeland, complete with some delicious booklet photography. It's hard to focus on the music while looking at the pictures, but one does one's best. Zak Daniels and Jim "The Kat" Katsikides provide the sleazy, greasy guitar work (Kat on lead) for this Los Angeles area band, and if that's not entertaining enough (it is), their humorous, sarcastic approach to lyrical content will leave you laughing - " and bones and silicone..." from the track "Silicone", as one publishable example. These guys have done their homework on XXX movie sets, and in gentlemen's clubs, corner bars and crossroads honky-tonks across the country, and their righteousness is evident. With mean lead guitar, driving rhythms and the aforementioned experiences, they have a winning formula.


Few bands are as so humorously defiant as Zak Daniels and the One Eyed Snakes. Known on the local L.A. club circuit as a no nonsense hard rock band, the group has matured considerably since they were hailed as the "next big thing" by local radio and press in the mid-'90s. After a couple of line-up changes the Snakes have become a permanent musical family. Jimmy Katsikides, who co-produced the album with Daniels, brandishes one of the meanest lead guitars in all of rock. The rhythm section consists of Doug Lavery on drums and Orion Lindeman on bass. Together they promote a sound that can blow away the casual listener - or tenderly seduce them. Interestingly, Daniels' compositional catalog boasts over two hundred and fifty songs.

From their hometown of L.A. to the Big Apple and back, you can bet that wherever Zak Daniels and the One Eyed Snakes appear, fans will be left with a big smile on their face.

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