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Swirling Electric & Appealing Acoustic Guitar

From Ohio comes Z-Works' new age and rock flavored CD Sleeping Angels, featuring nine tracks of swirling electric and appealing acoustic guitar. Z-Works (the artistic name for guitarist Randy Zimmerman) throws a lot of tonal variety into his work, framing most pieces with acoustic rhythm and melodic elements, then spicing the mix with heavy distorted passages or other creative electric guitar noises and effects. Sleeping Angels has a very relaxing feel, yet at times gets very complicated and moving, with the eventual building up to the title track, a powerful blend of what Z-Works likes to do most - take listeners on a journey that stimulates the mind and soul. His music appeals to music fans in their teens to people in their 70s, and especially to other guitarists.


Randy Zimmerman began playing guitar when he was 2 or 3 years old. He grew up in a musical family and never took lessons, but always practiced on his instrument. Randy joined the Fremont, Ohio-based Wuzz Band in the '70s, playing Aerosmith covers along with original music for about five years. Hearing Eddie Van Halen play drove him to change, and he eventually built his own home studio to pursue his new vision of music - lots of acoustic guitar charged New Age melodies, with electric guitar swiriling through the ether. Randy also builds his own electric guitars and guitar racks, adding an additional layer of control over the sound of his music.

Z-Works plans for the future include establishing a bigger sales base for his current CD, putting the finishing touches on some custom electric guitars he his building for himself, recording his next CD, and producing and recording other artists on his indie label.

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