The Undiscovered: Yuri Gladcov

Yuri Gladkov


New Age Electric Guitarist Crosses Stylistic Boundaries

From Germany comes a unique demo DAT tape from a guitarist named Yuri Gladkov. The demo contains five compositions which Gladkov wrote and performed, and, while not guitar-dominated, features a bevy of sophisticated guitar parts, as the he prefers to orchestrate the guitar to fit with the other instruments. The guitar is the lead instrument on all tracks from the aptly titled, "New Age" to the exotic flavor of "Snake-Charmer (Satori)". Each of Gladnov's works are completely different from every other, as the guitarist blends elements of techno, rock, bossa nova and some Oriental and Persian shadings into the various pieces. The highlight of the demo is "Total Reactivity Suite", a wonderful original composition that blends almost all of Gladnov's stylistic influences into one production!


Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Yuri began playing several instruments, first piano, then drums and finally guitar, at the age of 12. When Yuri's family moved to Germany, he began taking guitar lessons at one of the biggest local music schools. After four years, he successfully graduated and began to write and record his own original compositions. Yuri expresses a strong preference for Ibanez guitars and Hughes & Kettner amplification.

Gladkov's goal is to show that every musical style has relevance and that guitar playing should not be restricted to blasting high speed solos in the middle of the song, rather should be used in the proper context of a great song.

Contact Information

Yuri Gladkov
Zr. III/308, Kleeburger Weg, 100
54296 Trier