The Undiscovered: Yontz Sucre

Yontz Sucre


Serving Up Dessert For Your Ears

Guitarist/composer Yontz Sucre's first CD, Electric Jam, released on Buzz Jam Music, is the end result of a single musician's involvement with, and commitment to, the entire recording process from writing, performing and producing to manufacturing his instruments and modifying electronics. Sucre opens the CD with a self-described "space gong rocker", and continues with thirty minutes of melodic, high energy "tunage". Unlike a lot of guitarists releasing solo material, Sucre is not one to overplay, concentrating his efforts on sound textures and creating soulful, emotional songs.


Sucre received early training in jazz and wind instruments, before being swept up by the playing of Jimmy Page with Led Zeppelin. Drawing on other influences such as Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix (Electric Jam contains a cover of "Little Wing"), Jerry Cantrell and Vernon Reid, Sucre crafted his sound from a solid background including studio work and performing in bands such as 7th Star, Masquerade, and Blue Mongoose. His goal in the making of Electric Jam was to explore songwriting ideas which were not possible when working with other musicians, and to make a record that would appeal to more than the limited audience of a "musician's musician".

Sucre's future goals include connecting with a singer/songwriter or band looking for a hardworking guitar player. His experience with songwriting, recording and production will certainly make him a valuable asset in any group situation.

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