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Shredder Practices All Day Long

Swedish shredder Thorbjorn Englund submitted a four song instrumental guitar CD-R entitled "Jesus Stole My Harley". This 21-year-old has sacrificed everything for his music and channeled his efforts into his guitar playing. The four tracks showcase highly technical guitar playing, ferociously fast shredding, sweep picking and influences from Satriani to Malmsteen. The title track is a Satrianiesqe rock number, followed quickly by "Shred Isn't Dead", which Englund describes as "more of a technique demonstration" and showcases the most blazing passages on the demo. "Princess Lane" is a ballad which shows the more sensitive side of Englund's playing, while "Sixstring Rhapsody" covers neo-classical territory quite effectively. Englund demonstrates a great deal of playing experience and professionalism on his CD-R, but we'd love to hear a more original style in both songwriting and playing from this young rocker.


Thorbjorn has been playing guitar since the age of 10. He claims guitar is his life and he is taking it very seriously, practicing his guitar all day long. Over the years he has done many studio recordings and a lot of live performances. Thorbjorn's band once opened up for John Norum, and he also got the opportunity to play with Manowar when they visited Sweden during the Monsters of the Millennium tour.

Englund's goal is to play guitar and make music for a living, so he is currently looking for a record deal or a band to join.

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