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William Barbero


Transplanted Italian Rocks Glasgow

Speaking of dynamics, guitarist William Barbero's got 'em as well, as he forcefully demonstrates on his CD-R, Demo Guitar V.1.0. An all instrumental mix of hard rock, fusion, blues and rock ballads, Barbero puts his talents to good use, releasing shredded licks when the mood calls for it (listen to his cover of Carlos Arellano's "Guitar Tribe" for an example), and sensuous, single-line explorations over the slower material (such as on "Lady"). He courts a kind of Eric Johnson vibe on the bluesy number "Blue Notes", while goes all out for blistering axe tracks and wicked vibrato on the space rocker "The Great Escape". Barbero probably just needs to focus his talents on his strengths so he can release a cohesive, full-length instrumental CD at some point that will blow the doors off the room.


In 1991, William was a 12-year-old drummer, but, influenced by Queen, he decided he wanted to become like Brian May and started strumming away on his dad's old acoustic guitar. A few months later, guitar was the obsession. Drums were not so important anymore, although in his first band he was a drummer. By age 15, William was in first band as a guitarist. Another important guitarist was then discovered - Joe Satriani. He eventually got a copy of "Surfing With The Alien" and started to get into the world of strange guitar music. Since then William has written hundreds of guitar songs. Other guitarists and musicians have come to influence him as well, including Steve Vai, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Steve Lukather, Edward Van Halen, Frank Gambale, Django Reinhardt and Gary Moore.

In 2003, Barbero decided his native Italy was not good enough for rock guitars and he moved to the UK. He is currently working for Yamaha Music UK as a guitar teacher and playing with bands of the Glasgow circuit.

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