The Undiscovered: Weekend Guitar Trio

Weekend Guitar Trio


Modern Jazz Meets World Cultures

Incorporating an arsenal of effects, a variety of extended techniques, such as bowing the strings, and a few choice pieces of additional hardware, Estonia's Weekend Guitar Trio has released Animotion, a CD of unorthodox sounds loosely combining the improvisation of modern jazz and the traditional music of various world cultures. The Trio is composed of three talented guitar players with diverse musical backgrounds: Robert Jurjendal (classically trained, influenced by contemporary electric music, ethno music and ambient soundscapes), Tonis Leemets (studying electronic music, and performs dance music), and Mart Soo (studied jazz guitar). There is some far-reaching and challenging music found on Animotion, and you won't believe how the Trio managed to coax sound from their instruments in order to send the listener into a new psychedelic space. Animotion, is a CD that proceeds from a collective core of free improvisation -- prepare your gray matter for an interesting trip.


Weekend Guitar Trio has three albums to their credit, and an extensive history of touring and playing live. They have performed at festivals in Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Russia, France, Germany and Moldova. The international guitar competition in Lausanne, Switzerland gave them the first prize in the Jazz and Contemporary category. Weekend Guitar Trio has shared the stage with local alternative DJs and the British DJ-duo Spring Heel Jack, as well as with players of traditional Estonian instruments (kannel and bagpipe).

The Trio will spend most of their future time touring and promoting Animotion.

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