The Undiscovered: Vlad



Blending Jazz/Rock With Pop Arrangements

California guitarist Vlad submitted his six song demo CD-R entitled Raw Demo. Originally born and raised in the Ukraine, Vlad spins his own version of contemporary jazz fusion by blending jazz-rock guitar with pop arrangements and instruments. The result is as relaxing as keyboard-oriented new age, but with the added benefit of Vlad's guitar work, which gives the compositions the edge and sonic texture needed to attract guitar fans. He trades overdriven and clean guitar sounds on the opening track "Vladosphere", while peppering "Dance With Time" with melodic, smooth jazz licks. Vlad is an ultra-tasty player throughout his demo; perhaps in the future he will be able to hook up with more musicians who can push him to the next level of composition and performance.


Vlad began playing drums at age 7, but discovered the guitar at age 13, studying jazz and classical music. At 17, he joined a popular rock band (Forte) as lead guitarist. The group released #1 hits on the Ukrainian and Polish charts, and later, Vlad joined an art rock band, Tea Fan Club. He also worked as a studio guitarist, and wrote music for major national shows and motion picture soundtracks. After Ukraine's independence, Vlad formed a new band, Loony Pelen, who had a #1 record and a #1 album on the national charts. He earned a scholarship to study at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, so moved to Boston in 1996. Vlad later relocated to New York, and finally, California, where he resides today.

Vlad is trying to pursue a career in music in the United States, as he did in Europe, and is continuing to record new works in his home studio.

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