The Undiscovered: Valerio Dolfi

Valerio Dolfi


Becker-Influenced, Heavy Shred Guitar

Italian shredder Valerio Dolfi submitted a twelve song instrumental demo CD-R entitled Revenge Oneself that features the guitarist delivering highly structured and complex lines in the style popularized by Jason Becker and Marty Friedman on their solo and Cacophony CDs. Rough on the production quality, the demo nonetheless spotlights Dolfi's abilities - he can shred with the best of them. Songs such as "Evening" and "Revenge Oneself" have long, extended solo sections featuring in-your-face, impossibly fast guitar wail. One of the centerpieces on the CD-R is called "Justblondhair", a ballad tempo piece written to showcase an outlandishly long, improvised guitar solo which speed up and slows down several times during the song. Another track, entitled "November Sunshine", could almost be called "Becker-ola", as it seems a fitting tribute to the music of Jason Becker. Here's another talented guitarist who probably just needs to hook up with serious musicians of the same caliber in order to record some outrageous original material.


Valerio is 28 years old and lives in Rome, Italy. He began playing guitar at the age of 16, learning to play on his own, without the benefit of a teacher. Valerio rapidly improved his technique by emulating the best guitar players he could find, such as Steve Vai, Becker, Friedman and Joe Satriani - he would first transcribe their songs, then learn to play them.

In the future, Dolfi hopes to be able to dedicate himself one hundred percent to his music. Every song he writes has a history, and he is proud of every single note he plays on his original compositions.

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