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Val Ramos Flamenco Ensemble


Ensemble Tracks Featured On New CD

Por Mi Camino is flamenco artist Val Ramos' latest CD, which in addition to the strong tonal and rhythmic solo guitar pieces, also features songs with Spanish lyrics ("Por Mi Camino", "Buscandote") and with his "fusion" emsemble ("Isla De Amores"). The ensemble pieces feature solos on violin, flute and keyboards, but Ramos' exquisitely played guitar is always a centerpiece in the mix. Ramos respects traditional flamenco, but favors an approach which allows room for modern musical influences and instrumentation. Por Mi Camino is an album that will greatly interest the flamenco enthusiast, but will also catch the ear of listeners new to the genre who can appreciate a lyrical and romantic guitar sound. The ensemble should enjoy much success with their latest recorded project.


Val got started in flamenco guitar in 1972 at the age of 14 under Spanish flamenco guitar virtuoso Adonis Puerta in New Yok City. He performed a variety of amateur and professional gigs before releasing his first CD in 1992, "Olive Green Eyes", followed by "Boricuas Flamencos" in 1995. That was also the year Val formed the Val Ramos Flamenco Ensemble, which is now considered one of the finest flamenco fusion ensembles in the world. The ensemble has been featured on several CD samplers, including "Sounds Of Hartford '96" and two CD samplers by the Connecticut Classical Guitar Society. Val's future plans include touring the U.S. Northeast and west coast, as well as performing with his ensemble in Spain and Puerto Rico. He would also like to do a music video featuring flamenco singing and dancing.

With the outstanding group of musicians found on Por Mi Camino, Ramos intends to present flamenco as a major vibrant musical genre in the United States, going up against mainstream musical genres such as rock, pop and rap.

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