The Undiscovered: Val Ramos

Val Ramos


Promoting A Better Appreciation Of The Versatility Of Flamenco

Val Ramos's second CD release, Boricuas Flamencos, released in 1995 on Ramos' own label, Piram Records, is an all-original and innovative mix of Flamenco fusion with unique elements that ornament traditional Flamenco cadences and melodies. Ramos injects a variety of other musical influences into his Flamenco music foundation including jazz, Puerto Rican and Latin American folkloric music as well as Latin salsa. His contemporary Flamenco music will appeal to a variety of audiences and promote a better appreciation of the versatility of the genre. Ramos' playing showcases his impressive improvisational skills as well as highlighting his talents as a composer and arranger.


Ramos has been playing Flamenco guitar since age 14 and currently teaches Flamenco guitar at all levels. Since 1975 he has performed in solo and duet performances, and most recently with his Flamenco group, in concerts, music festivals, and TV presentations. Selections from Boricuas Flamencos and Ramos' first album, Olive Green Eyes, have been featured in the Connecticut Public Television documentary Puerto Rican Passages.

Through his guitar performances in a variety of settings, Ramos has sought to increase appreciation and understanding of Flamenco music in the United States. His desire is to show the many wonderful things that can be achieved technically and creatively through the Flamenco guitar.

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Ramos Piemontese Flamenco Productions
109 Hampton Road
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