The Undiscovered: Uzumaki



New Dutch Prog Metal Rising

Uzumaki is essentially a side project featuring musicians from several other bands and formations based in Holland. Dutch guitar player Joost Nusselder's compositions kick started the idea that this group could record an album by just sharing and recording via the Internet. Their instrumental progressive metal album, Join Us, is the result, and the band submitted a demo CD-R version for review. Nusselder also plays bass and Chapman stick, and is joined on guitar by Matthijs Hoesintalib (say his name five times fast). Fans of Dream Theater instrumentals will be able to warm up to this quartet very quickly, as they are highly skilled musicians, making music for fellow musicians. Technical, and full of prog influences and odd time signatures, the album is sure to appeal to heavy guitar fans everywhere.


The four members of Uzumaki met over the years at different festivals and performances and discovered a mutual love of progressive music. In addition to guitarists Hoesintalib and Nusselder, drummer Ruben Meibergen (the Vimps) and keyboardist Antal Nusselder (Awakening) complete the project band, the members of which are already performing together in the Netherlands to promote their new music. Joost Nusselder also is a member of the band Switched On, while Matthijs Hoesintalib is with Band Zonder Hond. The final version of Join Us is slated to feature eight tracks with a total running time of over 48 minutes.

Nusselder adds, "Since the muddy, under-the-sea level musical climate for prog and metal has a lot to be desired, we are trying to branch out. We haven't done that many gigs with this band yet, but there are more coming in every week."

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