The Undiscovered: Twilight Odyssey

Twilight Odyssey


Old School Metal Rises Up

The ghost of Iron Maiden (wait, aren't Iron Maiden still alive?) is what first strikes you upon first listen to "Gettysburg", the opening track on the group Twilight Odyssey's three song demo CD-R. Not so much for the intertwined, twin guitar leads Maiden was noted for (though the group does sport two guitarists, founder Ben Asaro and Dan Castro), but for the galloping rhythms and overall '80s-metal vibe. The intro and rhythmic riffage heard on song two, "The Endless Days Of A Stranger", will also resonate familiarly in the ears of Maiden aficionados. Getting Pamela Berlinghof on vocals was a masterstroke, as she can wail with the best of them, in the Leather Leone tradition. Asaro makes sure the guitars get plenty of sonic space, offering extended solo sections and overall heaviness. Here is a group just needing an outside production boost coupled with the songwriting experience to shake off their influences to go to the next level - look for their debut CD on Italy's Steelheart Records.


A love for music was instilled in guitarist Ben Asaro from a very early age, listening to the Beatles and other artists from the 1950s and 1960s through his parent's record collection. He became aware of guitar music about the age of 9 or 10 by listening to classical guitarist John Williams' Bach Lute Suites. Ben started taking guitar lessons as a teen, and was able to attend master classes with guitarists such as Pat Martino, Tal Farlow and Arlen Roth. Musically, he strives to write songs that are guitar-heavy, melodic and memorable, but still have a hard edge to them.

Currently, Twilight Odyssey is seeking management, and are recording their 10-track debut album for Steelheart Records in a New York studio.

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