The Undiscovered: Truth Squad

Truth Squad


Having The Guts To Play What They Feel

Superkiller is a heavy rock CD from a power trio consisting of guitarist Jimmy Ryan, bassist Bill Kopecky and drummer Johnny Mrozek. Eleven tracks are presented with seven being instrumental, and four featuring the gruff vocalisms of Ryan. Crashing chords, bass solos, frenetic tapping, searing heavy riffs, and hot-wired leads mark this hard rock freak-out - clearly Ryan, Kopecky and Mrozek are aiming to put the passion, fire and soul back into a style of music that can't grab the guitar mags narrowly-focused attention spans these days. Superkiller might have been a better CD, with greater impact, as an all-instrumental record, but hey, you can't have everything. For music from dedicated musicians who have the guts to play what they feel, Superkiller is an easy pickup.


Guitarist Jimmy Ryan talks about Superkiller, "This CD is truly an enema for the constipated music scene. It's the ultimate 'jam' album. I wrote these tracks expressly for this amazing lineup. The limited rehearsals kept the tracks energized and fresh, and the rhythm tracks - guitar, bass and drums - were laid down live. The solos were basically blown right off the top - first or second take. The energy signature of this approach is evident on each and every track. My brother, Johnny Ryan, engineered the entire project, and his expertise and input were integral to its success. This was truly a labor of love."

Truth Squad delivers their message with music, solid songwriting and arranging, top-gun production and threatening guitar work that would make today's three-chord, baggy pants, hats-backwards, alternative rock, armchair generals running for the woodshed.

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