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Troy LaRue


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Successfully combining and balancing tone, taste and technique in his impassioned playing, Dallas guitarist Troy LaRue submitted a 10 song instrumental CD-R demo that evokes fellow Texan six-stringer Eric Johnson. Using Stratocaster, Larivee and Taylor guitars to broaden his sonic palette, many of the tunes are acoustic in nature, but all feature a shimmering tone and a chimey, bell-like quality that you so often hear in Johnson's more introspective work. Blending genres like many guitarists would blend major scales and modes, LaRue's music features a noticeable, yet judicious use of effects that further add to the dream-like quality of the compositions. He has been playing guitar for over 30 years, and has channeled that experience into a very enjoyable collection of tracks that stand up to repeated listening.


At age 10, Troy began playing guitar. Four years later, he began studying with Richard Hill, guitarist in the successful regional rock band, Hobbit, from Tyler, Texas. Troy's dedication and approach to playing was dramatically changed in 1984. While attending Texas A&M University, Troy saw Eric Johnson in concert and Troy's playing was forever changed. The emphasis became melody and expression via the instrument. "I am inspired by the finesse and energy in Eric Johnson's playing. His pieces are original, yet I can hear his influences clearly." Over the past five years, Troy has focused on solo acoustic playing and composition. His current demo was recorded in his home studio in Dallas. "Many of my solo acoustic pieces have a reflective and ethereal quality. I strive to balance musicianship and song writing - the song being paramount.

LaRue's current plans are to gain exposure through live performance and further develop his songwriting. LaRue finishes by stating, "Songwriters often contemplate what they can add to a song - I focus on what I can leave out."

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