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Bath Towels. Beach Towels. Fingertip Towels. Hand Towels. Keep going, you're not there yet... rock's Towels? Bingo! Traveling where the Wilburys won't, and beatin' beats the Beatles wouldn't touch, the irreverent pop guitar band called the Towels is ready to conquer America with their new CD American Beaus. Spearheaded by the guitar tag team of Leausley Aschbudt and Noral Squizz (wondering if that's the Squizz family from Malibu, or perhaps Assenfardt, Germany), and anchored by bassist Dennis Davis, the album is chock full o' good time riffs, textural filigrees, bluesy fireworks and distorted fuzzjam. "Sabretooth Love" has a great feel, with a somewhat '70s influence, while "Turn Up The Television" (black & white 12 inchers ruled in my neighborhood) has a late '60s trippy feel, complete with backwards guitar and Sgt. Pepper's LHCB sound collage. Keep tongue in cheek, and step on the Big Muff while jamming to American Beaus. To loosely paraphrase Jimi Hendrix - 'scuse me, while I towel my squizz...


The Towels were house band for Frasier Smith's "KLSX Live" broadcasts from The Laugh Factory, a quirky trio comprised of the songwriting genius and lead vocals of guitarists Noral Squizz and Leusley Aschbudt, and multi-instrumentalist Dennis Davis. As teenagers in Ohio, Noral and Dennis played together in a band called Eyes, who were the few local bands doing original music at that time. While they view their hiatus from each other's company as more of an education than it was a future, the totally worthwhile end result is a humorously poetic look at the absurdity of a culture, through that culture's musical influences of the last few decades. During that time, Noral Squizz played with many an LA band and formed Foreign Language in order to feature his own music, which gathered for itself quite a local following. Leusley Aschbudt has been writing songs since he was a teenager.

While the group display an avid sense of humor, obvious in their name which was chosen simply for the baffled reaction that it would invoke upon hearing it for the first time, they are nevertheless, very serious about their songwriting.

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