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Torok has released their debut CD Binge & Purge, which features eleven metallic hard rock numbers with in-your-face vocals. The band includes Michael Torok, the original lead guitarist of Combat recording artist Impaler, Eric Althaus, drummer with JVC Victor recording artist Equinox, Aaron Davis, bassist and Bryan Erikson on vocals. Their guitar-driven, hard-driving rock features jagged shards of metal, hard-edged riffs and '70s-'80s era arrangements in the guitar-bass-drums format. Michael Torok rips out some lightning fast runs and creative solos - but precision freaks may bristle, as his leads are raw and unedited. He's got the meat-and-potatoes guitar techniques mastered however, and for pure energy, his playing can drive the children from the room. This Minneapolis based hard rock band has a future if they continue to grow along the lines set forth on Binge & Purge.


The band Torok started in a garage like most bands do, back in the fall of 1993. Vocalist Erikson started the group with three other member, but the band took shape when the group was introduced to Michael Torok. They finally agreed to name the band Torok, and began playing out in 1994 and 1995. They recorded a CD, entitled "Silence" in 1996, an eclectic group of songs ranging from industrial screaming metal to acoustic guitar ballads. After taking a break, the band got together to record the songs which would make up Binge & Purge in 1999. The CD was recorded totally
old school on tape and for the most part live. Michael Torok's playing on the album is raw and aggressive, blending many styles, while Bryan Erikson's vocals are completely over the top.

Torok now has Ken Olson back on bass (who played one of the first gigs with the original band) and have been promoting and getting ready to hit the road in support of Binge & Purge in the winter of 2002.

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