The Undiscovered: Tony LaBosco

Tony LaBosco


Dark, Moody Instrumental Rock

Favoring the use of drone-like phrases, repeated dissonant laments, sparse minimalist instrumentation and a Digitech Whammy pedal, Virginia's Anthony LaBosco seeks to find an audience for his own brand of dark, moody Instrumental rock. Most tracks just rely on a bass, guitar and drums; some dispense with the bass and just feature guitar and drums, drum machine or percussion. Instead of a wall of sound or a wave of melody, you get the opposite effect - kind of a somber, eerie feeling that something is about to happen. A high energy track might be "Coma", which is kind of a rhythm crunch-centered tune that perhaps describes what it might feel like to actually be in a coma. "State Of Confusion" and "Darkness" are other tracks that appear to be pure rhythm. "Crybaby" is a ten-minute plus improv - maybe an ode to the wah-wah pedal, which is ridden throughout the song. The faster guitar solos tend to get a bit out of hand (such as in "Crybaby" or "Aftermath"); LaBosco could probably find more acceptance in the exotic or textural guitar arena, taking the ideas found in "Judgement Day" and "Lost Souls" to the next level.


Tony has been involved in music throughout most of his life. In his early days of playing guitar, he was involved with a speed-metal outfit called Savage Death. Through that band, Tony was able to market himself worldwide in many indie and underground magazines. There were numerous articles written about the band, and he played many live shows from Baltimore to New York City. Tony is constantly coming up with new material, and finds it a challenge to pursue each and every one. He has many friends signed to major labels and those that know about his musical aspirations are recommending that he pursue his dreams.

LaBosco is currently shopping his CD around to a few major record companies in the hopes of getting a record deal.

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Anthony LaBosco
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