The Undiscovered: Tony Kunen

Tony Kunen


Instrumental Heavy Metal Shred From Italy

Tony Kunen, an American living in Formia, Italy, submitted his CD-R of instrumental heavy metal entitled Second Brother. Kunen is an exceptional player, with a fine tone and an expressive vibrato, who can deliver the goods with a technique that matches speed with precision. He recorded the songs on the CD-R using MIDI programmed bass, drums and keyboards, but the music stands up very well under the circumstances. This guy with a killer team of backing musicians would be something to hear. We're the first organization to hear Kunen's work, he normally just exposes his music to his family -- if some of these tunes were posted on, they could probably make some noise on the instrumental guitar charts. Good start, keep the recorder plugged in -- and busy!


Tony began playing in Germany in 1984 with a number of heavy metal bands. He tired of the cover band scene, and then realized that he wasn't being fulfilled writing music with vocalists in mind. Tony thought there must be a better way to express deep meaning without words. Two years ago he decided to give the instrumental guitar genre a try and found it to be very satisfying. Tony currently owns his own home studio, where his typical compositional session is to lock himself in for the weekend, not to leave until something is produced. Knock on wood, it hasn't failed him yet!

Kunen continues to work to find melodies, musical angles and avenues to explore that will keep him recording steadily into the foreseeable future.

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