The Undiscovered: Tommy Cox

Tommy Cox


Instructor Completes Instrumental Tracks

Nstrumental is the title of Virginia guitarist Tommy Cox' first all-instrumental CD-R. The album features hard rock and metal tracks with a basic production of single guitar, bass and drum machine. Occasionally, Cox makes use of double tracking for harmony or doubling effects. Usually with material this heavy, the lack of a real drummer is a weakness, and Nstrumental is no exception, however as a showcase demo for the bag of licks and riffs that Cox has available, the backing instruments are less important. Cox uses his acoustic guitar to great effect on "A/C", and pulls out the old mandolin for the ode to plumber's everywhere, "Plunge". His blues number "Truestone Blues" will transport you to the crossroads, while his most shredded licks can probably be found on "Song #3" (the eighth song on the demo, by the way). Recording more with like-minded musicians is probably the best way to go for Cox to reach a wider audience.


Tommy, currently based out of Lynchburg, Virginia, has been playing guitar for over twenty-six years now, and he is very excited about his new Nstrumental project. The album of all original tunes was recorded at different times from July, 2004 through September, 2004. It was recorded with the idea in mind of getting more people interested in his music.

Cox is currently a full-time guitar teacher and also performs with a Beatles tribute band on the weekends.

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