The Undiscovered: Tomi Tuomi

Tomi Tuomi


Finnish Shredder Pours Out Emotion

Tomi Tuomi, a guitar player from Kouvola, Finland, submitted a three-song demo CD-R, with wall-to-wall, full throttle shred, recorded in a metal or neo-classical context. Recorded in his home studio, Tuomi prefers to control all the instruments, so the tracks feature just himself on guitar, bass and keyboard/drum programming. The first track "Strength Within" is a neo-classical, harmony guitar maelstrom over a pounding double bass drum workout. "Darken" opens with some Rob Johnson-style, blindingly fast sweeps and Vinnie Moore-like pedal licks and tells a hauntingly chilling musical tale. Even thought the first two tracks are blisteringly fast, Tuomi cranks it up a notch with the last track, "Wanted Shred Or Alive", a showcase for every speed technique in his formidable arsenal. Tuomi definately has speed nailed -- time and experience should help this fiery player develop his own personal writing style.


Tomi is a twenty-seven year old guitarist who started playing at the end of the '80s, with a goal of being able to play fast solos. Shredding has since become a trademark of his playing -- a way to express feelings such as anger and frustration which arise from living in a non-stimulating environment. Tomi's influences include Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Jason Becker, Gary Moore, George Bellas and Yngwie Malmsteen.

Tuomi plans to continue to improve on the guitar and learn more about different music styles. He even wants to play faster than he does now!

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