The Undiscovered: TL2



Contrasting Styles Drive Instrumental Rock

Guitarist TL2, a.k.a. Charlie Harrelson, submitted a three-song demo CD-R of tracks from his upcoming CD Life Without Light. which ranges from heavy metal to ambient, then throw in a little dance mix for flavor. The opening track "Split N 2", is the heaviest track on the CD-R, uncompromising in it's relentless drive, complete with a ragged but satisfying solo section. "Slam Dunk" sounds like it would be a hammering track, but is actually a controlled groove, with ethereal progressive moments, and a clean lead track that spews textured guitar from all angles. The final track, "Spin 8" melds hiphop, rock and dance genres to deliver a virtual soundtrack for an urban landscape. Distorted guitar riffage flies from the speakers, along with some quick-picked rock soloing. Harrelson is quite comfortable mixing a disparate range of styles - it's quite likely the full CD release will feature more of the same.


Charlie was born in Chicago, but grew up in Orlando, Florida. He has a modest recording studio set up in his den, and always keeps a guitar ready to go when an idea hits. During the mid '70s Charlie formed a progressive rock power trio called Crystal Mythos, with drummer Mark Bell and bass player Craig Whitaker. He then went into semi-retirement for more than 15 years before an indie film project rekindled the music flames. Teaming up with keyboard wizard and computer guru Jeff Williford stimulated Charlie into getting back into making music.

Life Without Light is still officially in the works. Harrelson continues to make music under a variety of banners. He has also founded EvO:R, a web site dedicated to helping quality indie bands and solo artists.

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