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Timothy Mank


Singer-Songwriter Offers Guitar-Soaked Release

Presenting a unique, fast-strumming guitar style and a voice that can sound as smooth as Chris Isaak or as raw as a veteran bluesman, Timothy Mank has released Drive, a guitar-soaked collection of original tunes which also feature the electric guitar work of session aces Allen Hinds and Basil Fung. The music offers rock and blues in an unbridled, energetic context; clearly, Mank's dedication to the art of songwriting and total passion for his music would be evident to even a casual listener. Mank's grab-the-listener-and-shake-'em approach will make casual listening impossible - this is infectious music, particularly "It's So Real", "Texas" and the title track. Along with band members Jonathan Mitchell (drums), Geo Valle (bass) and Jimi Furia (keys), Mank hopes to turn on new legions of fans in the Los Angeles area - and beyond.


A guitar player since the seventh grade, Timothy spent several years establishing himself as a serious songwriter and performer in his hometown of Dallas, Texas before relocating to California. He tried several times to put together bands, but it was a phone call from Jonathan Mitchell in April of 1999 which led to the formation of his current line-up - dedicated professionals who exude personality and ability - who perform under the name Timothy Mank & The Sushi Kings. Timothy then started a new record company, Vida Pop Records to handle the release of Drive. With it's radio-friendly sound and stellar production, Drive stands to generate a lot of attention for the new band.

Mank's advice for young musicians is solid, "Believe in yourself no matter what anybody says, believe in your dream and follow it.

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