The Undiscovered: Thunderbrew



Aggressively Hopped, Full-Bodied Metal

Red Death is Delaware metal group Thunderbrew's alcohol-soaked debut CD, featuring eleven full and rich-bodied heavy tracks spearheaded by master brewer/guitarist/vocalist Daran Amos. The bitter and complex roasted character of Thunderbrew is achieved through the use of dropped tuned and layered rhythm guitars - brewmeister/guitarist Rick Land is also partially responsible for the thirst-quenching, metallic throb. You'll hear influences from groups such as Fates Warning, Megadeth, BLS and Motorhead in the band's material - clearly this is music for the head-banging, beer-swilling, adrenaline-juiced music fan - raw, bitter-edged metal at its most energetic, with wicked solos as satisfying as a fresh-tasting draft. So gratify your metallic tastebuds with a generous pour from Thunderbrew's debut CD, Red Death.


Formed in 2000, Thunderbrew (also featuring bassist Bob Beird and drummer Joe Panaccione) began touring throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland, building a dedicated following. The band has been receiving great press reviews through local papers and the Internet, proving their determination and confidence. In 2002, they took second place (by one vote) in Key Of's web contest for best band in Delaware. The creation of with over 20,000 hits brought in a whole new group of listeners and fans. Songs featured on "Mr. Greed", "Mother Earth", "Spare Change", "Ain't It A Bitch" and "Another Day, " all topped out in the top 20 on the list of thousands of competitive bands in their genre from all over the world.

Thunderbrew is currently working on their second CD ("Red, White & Brew") that packs a much heavier punch than the first and are shopping for label interests.

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