The Undiscovered: Syba



Mad Sammarinese Instrumentalist

From the tiny Republic of San Marino comes the demo CD-R from Syba (real name Francesco Franchini). Loaded with high-energy instrumental hard rock from the Joe Satriani / Steve Vai style of music, the tunes were recorded with his two separate projects: "Puppets" (a more mature project) and "XperiencE" (a newer instrumental rock project). Syba is a furious shredder, able to insert faster-than-a -speeding-bullet notes in between measure lines like nobody's business. He also possesses a quality that recognizes the importance of groove and melodic interest in a composition, setting a better stage for the incendiary solos to follow. This is not as common as one might think, and certainly makes for a great listening experience - fellow artists might take a careful listen to Syba's work and pick up a few things.


Syba began playing guitar at the age of 12, studying acoustic guitar in Bologna through a private instructor. Later, he was motivated to study electric guitar after hearing Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Vinnie Moore, among others. At the same time, he began composing his own original material, recording at home with the aid of Steinberg Cubase and VST instruments. He also plays bass on his compositions, and would typically create keyboard and drum parts with a mouse, entering MIDI data note for note. Syba played in the band Syberia (new wave) with singer Paolo C., before recording tunes for his first release, "In The Deep Of My Mind". Later he recorded "Trash", before working on both "Puppets" and "XperiencE".

Syba's upcoming show in Los Angeles, California will feature his instrumental rock with the incredible vocal and interpretive abilities of singer Mary Boschi. The show will be in the spring of 2006.

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Francesco Franchini
Republic Of San Marino