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L.A.'s Guitar-Based Rock/Pop

Out of the Los Angeles area comes the band Still (don't say, "Still what?", that's an old joke, hardly fresh material), which is really the project name for singer/songwriter Wade Biery - who (along with top studio musicians) plays virtually everything on the 2001 CD release I Don't Mind. Featuring nine songs arranged in a guitar-based rock/pop format, the material is fresh, excellently produced and performed, and displays true songwriting craftsmanship. While the CD is guitar-based (meaning arranged using a base of guitar-bass-drums, along with another instrument or two for tonal color), it's not particularly guitar-oriented as such, so guitarists looking for a six-string heavy release, with either awe-inspiring or truly creative axe work will have to pass. But if your tastes run to bands such as XTC or Del Amitri, and you'd like to hear what one man with a singular vision can accomplish with just his talent, a few Macs, some studio equipment and some mixing assistance - well, prepare to be amazed.


Still is basically Alaskan-born and Los Angeles-based Wade Biery. Mike Owens has been in the band off and on since the beginning, and Eric Eldenius also plays drums with the band on occasion. On guitar Still has most often featured Micheal Martinsson, and Joellen Friedkin has frequently joined the group on keys/accordion. When it's not the whole football team, it's Wade at the many solo/acoustic shows. "The Distance" is Still's first release. It was recorded over the time period between late 1996 and mid 1997, and was released to very positive critical review in July 1998. Since that time it has received many glowing reviews, as well as reaching many fans domestically and internationally. Numerous radio stations around the world have been playing cuts from the CD, as well as many Internet broadcasting stations, and it has been featured on Ellen K.'s "Future Tracks" nationally syndicated radio show. Still has been at the forefront of the digital music revolution, winning many Internet band awards, as well as having many "Featured Song" and "Song of the Day" at some of the Internet's largest mp3 sites for independent music, including reaching as high as #4 at a recent competition for a $250,000.00 recording contract on

Biery is currently back on the road playing the music for anyone who will listen.

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