The Undiscovered: Steve Mannocchi

Steve Mannocchi


Instrumental Guitarist Readies New Release

Steve Mannocchi, a talented guitarist from Port Orange, Florida, submitted a demo cassette of tunes that are being used as the basis for an instrumental CD to be released later this year. Mannocchi's demo amply demonstrates the high caliber performance of the shredder on seven tracks. Mannocchi recorded the demo tape in his home studio with the help of bassist Mike Blevins and drummer Dave Penna. The tape contains some fierce, thrash-style moments ("Speed Kills") as well as some less-maniacal but beautiful guitar work on the shimmering, mood evoking "Mixed Emotions". Mannocchi certainly has a jump on his new record with the quality of the work he's managed to produce at home.


Steve has steadily developed as a guitarist and composer since the age of 12. He has studied under numerous private instructors and is currently a second year music major at Daytona Beach Community College. Steve has recently been selected to appear on the new Guitar-2000 CD compilation, which will feature a number of accomplished, yet unsigned, guitarists. His musical influences range from the rock styles of Jason Becker and Ron Jarzombek to the fusion vision of Allan Holdsworth and Scott Henderson.

In the process of finishing tracks for his debut CD, Mannocchi has high hopes for his musical future, expecting to make major waves in the progressive music world.

Contact Information

White Noise Productions
1504 Leone Ln.
Port Orange, FL 32119
United States