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Music Encompassing Many Moods & Styles

ZigZag is guitarist Steve Gibb's solo CD, an almost all instrumental affair (one vocal closes the disc) featuring eleven tracks in various styles. "Cagey Bee", for example, shows Gibb's love for the music of the Shadows, while the opening track, "The Flying Scotsman", is a clean electric, delay-heavy number with an infectious groove. The title track has a slight country feel at the opening, but has a rock instrumental's melodicism and energy, especially when the rhythmic, wah-wah section kicks in. The banjo and acoustic guitar get a great workout on "Lobster Love". Gibb is an outstanding soloist, and a composer who knows how to put together an interesting song without vocals. ZigZag would be an excellent addition to an instrumental guitar fan's collection, especially one who pines for the days when melodic instrumentals actually received radio airplay.


Steve spent his early years trying to copy the music of artists such as Duane Eddy, The Shadows, Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran, while being introduced to classical music in school. With no teacher to assist him, he taught himself enough guitar to get into Napier College in Edinburgh, where he received his first proper guitar lessons. Steve later studied classical guitar for five years and won the John Mundy Prize for excellence in the playing of a stringed instrument. He has since played guitar in pit orchestras for numerous West End shows, and worked as an actor and musical director the hit musical "Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story". Steve now works as a professional guitarist playing for Broadway musicals, sessions, touring and writing.

In addition to working on his next CD, Gibb is in the process of putting together a band to perform his music live in order to tour the Celtic, country and jazz circuits.

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