The Undiscovered: Steve Fulk

Steve Fulk


Acoustic Guitar WIth Orchestrations

This Grey Cloud is the name of the new CD by North Carolina guitarist and musician Steve Fulk, who supplements his collection of instrumental and vocal acoustic guitar works with lush, synth-driven orchestrations. In fact, for the most part, the melodic themes are heard through the keyboard parts, with the guitar serving as a rhythmic and chordal (frequently finger picked) backdrop. Exceptions would songs such as the primarily guitar instrumental "Une Nuit Blanche", and the closer, "When Dreams Sleep". The instrumentals seem to work better than the other numbers, as the vocals are not strong as they could be, and also seem be somewhat buried in the mix. No crazy solos or wild fingerpicking here, just atmospheric numbers designed to make you think.


Born in North Carolina, Steve now resides in a small community 25 minutes outside of Raleigh. Steve's musical endeavors began as just a fun activity. Writing poetry at a young age and learning to write songs later on, labeled Steve as "imaginative" by his peers and teachers. It wasn't until a friend showed him a few guitar chords that he would consider writing a lot more of his works to song. Steve would later play with many local musicians in side projects and bands. Learning music along the way, trading guitar licks and songwriting skills - all strengthened Steve's musicianship. Steve learned from the singer/songwriters of the late 60's and 70's - musicians like Tim Buckley, Harry Chapin and Cat Stevens, just to name a few.

Fulk is currently the owner of Spinning Gold Productions, composing music for film scores, commercial jingles and business audio. As far as This Grey Cloud, one dollar from each sale will go to the North Carolina Chapter of the Wildlife Conservancy.

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