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More Than Thrash/Metal

Taking a break from the music he usually writes with his band, Severed Serenity is Canadian guitar player Steve Bifford, who submitted a twelve song, primarily instrumental guitar CD-R called The Serenity Project. The band Severed Serenity usually plays music in the thrash or progressive metal genres, so on this project, Bifford was able to showcase different kinds of music and influences, such as folkish to jazz/fusion to straight ahead virtuoso lead rock guitar. His playing is influenced by guitarists such as Andy Summers, Joe Satriani, Zakk Wylde, Mikael Akerfeldt, David Gilmour, Ty Tabor, Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai, and parts of each may be experienced as the listener winds his way through the material on the album. It's good to hear a working musician branching out and doing something different on his solo projects, hopefully more guitarists will follow in his footsteps.


Steve is a freelance guitarist and the main songwriter for Severed Serenity, a Canadian metal band from Canada with four CDs, and a fifth CD in the works. He has also done studio work for people such as Thor (vocal backups on his new CD, tour support in 2006, guitar work in 2005 on the new re-release of "Mutant 1974 - 2003"). Steve shot two videos with him ("Lords Of Steel" and "Devastation Of Musculation") in 2006, and played on "New Horizon 3" (rhythm guitars on "When The World Is Running Down", and the heavy vocals). Steve had a guitar endorsement with Jackson Guitars - they ran a number of ads in Guitar World - featuring Steve with Dave Bonnycastle from Severed Serenity. He has done numerous gigs/shows with both Severed Serenity and Thor over the years. Steve also engineers and produces albums and has worked on many projects in the past for others, and has some live sound experience under his belt.

Bifford is a full time guitar/music teacher/Instructor at Kelowna Guitar Works / Bering Music in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, so if you are interested in lessons or some studio work {guitar stuff} please contact him.

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