The Undiscovered: Stephen Housden

Stephen Housden


Old Instrumental Groove Is New Again

New World Groove is the Stratocaster-laden instrumental CD from Little River Band guitarist Stephen Housden. An album chock full of tasty licks and melodic themes, it would get a position of importance in any instrumental rock fan's CD collection. Delivered with a crystal clear production and backed by musicians such as Phil Henderson (drums), Travis Clarke (bass) and Anthony J. Fossey (keyboards), Housden is free to couple a relatively diverse collection of arrangements with soloing that smokes, yet is marked by a tasteful sense of phrasing, while commanding your immediate attention. The title track, for example grabs the listener and heaps fiery electric guitar work into the aural canal until the desired effect is achieved - Strat heaven! New World Groove has been an unintentional well-kept secret up until this point, but hopefully a little more exposure to this Australian guitarist's work will help him get the attention he deserves. Well done.


Stephen started learning guitar at the age of ten in 1961. His initial influences included the Shadows and Chuck Berry. He formed his first band upon entering high school, and eventually turned professional in 1970. Stephen's first experience with extended tours came during a four-year stint with the Marcia Hines Band. He formed the band, The Imports, in 1980, but was then called by the Little River Band to join as their guitar player. Stephen co-wrote many of their songs, including their Top 6 hit, "Love Is A Bridge". He's spent over 21 years as the group's lead guitarist, but also found time to conduct music theory and improvisation seminars for guitarists.

Housden has also written columns for Sonics and Australian Musician Magazine. He has toured Victorian Schools with a show called "So You Want To Be A Rock Star". Interestingly, music from New World Groove has been featured in the syndicated hit televis'on show "Baywatch". Housden has played on many jingles and various film soundtracks, including the very successful "Crocodile Dundee".

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