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Stephen Doe


We're Going To Trial!

Or so it seems. Trial is the name of New Hampshire guitarist Stephen Doe's demo CD-R. It features 10 songs that were written over the course of 10 years. Heavy instrumental rock with a progressive feel is what you'll hear, along with some very agile guitar histrionics. More melodic than most guitarists who have his kind of ability, Doe has the chops to turn it up to the next level when the solo spots call for it, as you might hear on a tune such as "A Long Way (Part 1)". Doe put everything together on the demo in his home with a 4 track recorder, so production values are bare bones, but as a document to get his foot in the door of the music business, it's enough to get across the idea that he can play his axe.


Stephen, born in Springfield, Massachusetts, is 37 years old and has been playing the guitar since the age of 5. He has made several demos in the past, but Trial released, there is another on the way. Stephen is a landscape foreman by day, which pays the bills, but music pays the soul (amen, brother). He has also been into martial arts as long as he has been into music. Stephen is enthusiastic, dedicated and determined to launch and sustain a successful music career. To that end, he studied classical guitar, music theory, composition and advanced composition, as well as jazz, blues and rock. Stephen logged time in his father's band, Wildside from the age of 15 to the age of 19. His desire is to get into the music business so that he can be more experimental in his compositions and push the envelope even farther.

Doe is currently working on a new disc, which will be one song with many movements that would each stand alone, but flow together to make a complete composition.

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