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French Instrumentalist Signs Deal For New CD

French guitarist Stephan Forte submitted a four song demo CD-R, entitled Visions, which so impressed producer Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Dio, Malmsteen) that Chris had to meet him. Really consisting of three metal/shred tracks plus an intro 'lullaby' track, Forte crams a zillion notes into fifteen minutes - this shredder can shred up a storm. Excellent music, but Malmsteen's influence is evident throughout, from playing style to composition to production - this young guitarist has the neo-classical style down cold. This may make it difficult for Forte to establish his own niche in the instrumental guitar spectrum, but he has definitely built up the chops to be able to delve into any aspect of guitar playing he so chooses. Future experimentation and a lot more experience writing will make Forte a formidable player in the coming years.


Starting on guitar at age 5, Stephan began learning songs by ear. He picked up the electric guitar at age 11, then became inspired by Yngwie Malmsteen. This caused Stephan to practice ever more seriously and he later enrolled at CMCN in Nancy, France to complete the guitar player program. He has since played at many guitar festivals, and got a chance to open for his mentor Malmsteen in 1998. In August of 1999, Stephan received confirmation of a production deal for his new album, which he hopes to have out in the year 2000.

Forte will be being recording a new CD in Germany this August with his new band Adagio, featuring Jens Johansson. It is targeted for release in February/March of 2001 in Japan and Europe. The style will be in the Symphony X vein but with more classical elements and more guitar/keys.

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