The Undiscovered: Stepchild



New England Based Metal Band Strikes Back

Striking back at personal anger, frustration, misery and misdirection with music is the New England area metal band known as Stepchild. Their six song demo CD-R features brutally aggressive rhythms, growling (yet understandable) vocals from Mark Stepchild, and occasionally, some ripping, savage leads, courtesy of guitarist Ken Avola. He drenches delayed wah licks all over the slower-paced "Need You Here", while delivering screaming solos and mega-heavy, earth-crushing rhythms on "Hate Train". This is an intense band whose righteousness must be killer in person if it comes across this powerfully on record. This is music for the emotionally strong - if you're normal, this music should put you on the edge of the cliff; if you're on the edge of the cliff, this should give you a blow to the head, a kick to the ribs and hearty shove towards the bottom. Enjoy!


The instrument playing members of Stepchild met through the classifieds of a Boston music paper in 1999. The later heard Mark Stepchild in a nearby rehearsal space, and the quartet was complete. They quickly began a steady regiment of performances at New England rock clubs, including Sharky's, The Middle East, Good Times, Fuel, The Station, Old Port Tavern, Oasis and many more. Stepchild has opened for acts such as Zakk Wylde, Slaughter, Exciter, Moke, 7th Rail Crew and Believer, and have performed at events for radio stations WAAF, WGIR and WBRS. Of note, bassist Eddie Slager recently agreed to an endorsement deal with the Brian Moore Guitar Company.

Stepchild is banking on their demo CD taking them to the next plateau of their career - they are certainly ready to take on the world.

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