The Undiscovered: Star-Z



Blazing Instrumental Shred From Italy

Fabio Carraffa, AKA Star-Z, submitted his nine song CD-R project entitled Inside, which fuses rock/shred guitar with sonorities taken from jungle, trance and psychedelic music, as well as some of the more straight ahead hard rock rhythmic ideas and instrumentation. Most of the tracks are instrumental, except the last track, "Obsession". The weakest part of his package is probably the name 'Star-Z'; everything else, from the music, to the playing, to the arrangements is top notch. You'll hear head-chopping riffs, propulsive (danceable) rhythms, searing wang-bar pyrotechnics - and a good dose of mega-heavy, earth-crushing shred guitar. Check out the aggression emanating from tracks such as "Synergy", "Digital Anger" and "Blow Your Mind" - this is a fresh and completely realized fusion of popular idioms with all the high tech guitar playing you could want. Many have tried this combination, but haven't succeeded at the level of Star-Z.


Star-Z has been a professional guitarist for many years. From 1990 to 1993 he was part of the Jam Roll Project, and after that, spent time with Animali Rari, a top Italian cover band. Star-Z has endorsed, or currently endorses, Washburn guitars, Steinberger guitars, Labella strings, Brian Moore guitars, Marshall amps, and Rocktron and ADA guitar effects. In 1998 he released the instrumental album "Synergy" and in 1999 released another instrumental CD "Plastic Dream". Star-Z has also worked on several guitar method books, as well as backing tracks products. From 2002 to 2003, he worked as a Boss/Roland guitar products specialist.

Star-Z cannot find interest to produce the kind of music he composes in Italy, and so is looking for a company to produce his music. He is willing to locate wherever he needs to in order to get his music produced.

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